When Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, many critics opposed him because of his lack of executive experience. While he promised change and a new frontier for the nation, some suggested his naivety as a leader would be a major problem in running the country.

Well, it’s been eight years, and whether it was a lack of experience, poor judgment, or just a corrupt agenda, our nation is worse off than it was before.

Perhaps the oddest part of Obama’s agenda has been his protection of illegal immigration. Cynics may say he wants to flood our nation with dangerous criminals. But perhaps the more measured stance is to say he is still naive and lacks the right judgment to lead this country.

Either way, his approach at tackling the immigration problem has been nothing short of a disaster.

From Allen B West:

Among other sources, Fox News has run an investigative report in which they discovered Obama judges have rebuffed Department of Homeland Security efforts to deport people illegally in our nation 100,000 times!

The report cites that “Immigration judges around the country are denying the Department of Homeland Security’s attempts to deport illegal immigrants in record numbers… Over the last 10 months, immigration judges opted against the department’s efforts to remove some 96,223 illegal immigrants, including criminals.”

Obama has been circumventing federal law, Congress, and law enforcement to allow illegal immigrants to stay in our country. I understand a president wanting to help people that are down and out. But violating our own laws to let criminals stay, who are not documented, do not pay taxes, or contribute to our society, is irresponsible and reckless.

Excuse, Mr. President, if you really want to help people in need, why not start with American citizens? Let Mexico worry about its own people. Ship them back and focus on your own. How about start in, I don’t know, Louisiana?

The left’s insistence on helping illegals enter our country is built on a flawed concept of compassion. They feel bad for the poor of Mexico just trying to make their way, yet they ignore the realities of the situation. If Mexico’s so bad, it’s the job of the Mexican leadership to fix it. This is true of all Latin American countries that send us illegals.

And Obama’s stance ignores the reality that many of these people are criminals. Drug traffickers and yes terrorists use our weak border to exploit us. Trying to help minors won’t fix that problem, because they are often pawns of these criminals.

The only silver lining is that Obama won’t be in office for much longer. The damage he is wreaking has a time limit.

Unfortunately, much more damage will be done, should another ignorant liberal take the White House.

Source: Allen B West

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