WOW! This is the WORST THING That Could Have Happened To Obama…Donald Trump Is LOVING This!

For weeks we have heard about Brexit, a referendum posed to the British people to either leave or remain in the failing European Union.

For decades the sovereignty of Britain has been undermined by the corrupt and foolish policies set by other nations. They have suffered economically, militarily, and socially.

We now know that the British people have spoken. The United Kingdom is officially no longer a part of the European Union. Although the majority of its citizens are celebrating, the liberal elite (in Europe and American) are in mourning. Their dream of a Britain that is ruled by corrupt European bureaucrats is gone.

American liberals are sad because they backed the EU. Their socialist agendas were supported by the failing organization. Now that its strongest member, Britain, is gone, they have fewer countries to bully and manipulate. And soon more nations will pull out of the EU.

From Breitbart:

British voters chose to “leave” the European Union on Thursday, defying the polls — and President Barack Obama, who had urged Britain to “remain” in the EU. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had also urged Britain to stay in the EU. Only Donald Trump had backed the campaign to leave.

Obama’s advice may have pushed some voters to “leave.” In April, he warned British voters they would be at the “back of the queue” in trade with the U.S.

Our corrupt, incompetent president had the gall to threaten the U.K. should they back out of the EU. As if he had the right to control the fate of a sovereign nation by punishing them economically. They were voting to protect their own interests, not the interests of failing European nations. And they refused to kowtow to a joke of a president, with few months left in office to do anything of value.

Hillary was just as bad.

How can anyone in our country back leaders like this? Leaders that care so little about the rights and freedoms of other nations, they’d threaten them by withdrawing trade. If they do that to other nations (nations that are our ALLIES), what will they do to us?

Let’s not forget Obama and Hillary have bent over backwards for China and the Middle East, nations that deprive their people of fundamental rights and voting privilege.

Trump is looking better and better every day, huh?

Source: Breitbart

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