In One Month, Trump Revolutionized Illegal Immigration…Liberals Are FURIOUS!

It’s amazing to see what can happen when our government actually enforces our laws.

The media has been up in arms over every decision President Trump has made since entering office. Some congresswomen–who have lost touched with reality–have called for his impeachment over everything he does.

Yet President Trump is simply using the laws on the books to accomplish what he’s promised to the American people. He said he would work for us and that’s just what he’s doing.

The left complained when he implemented stronger measures to protect our Southern borders. Right away he signed executive orders that made sure our border patrol agents and agencies that enforce our immigration laws had the power they needed to keep us safe.

He didn’t even need to pass new legislation, as the laws we already had were enough. They were just being ignored by past administrations.

It’s only been two months and we are seeing the impact of his decisions.

From Daily Wire:

On Wednesday, Homeland Security chief John Kelly announced that 40% fewer illegal immigrants entered the U.S. from Mexico from January to February.

Kelly claimed that the “change in trends” resulted from President Trump’s immigration policies.

Kelly stated that the number of “inadmissible persons” at the southern border dropped to 18,762 persons in February from 31,578 in January. He added, “Since the administration’s implementation of executive orders to enforce immigration laws, apprehensions and inadmissible activity is trending toward the lowest monthly total in at least the last five years.”

Kelly said the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency usually sees a 10 percent to 20 percent increase in apprehensions of illegal immigrants from January to February.

This is what real, effective leadership looks like. I know, it’s been a while since we’ve seen it, so it seems so alien.

The president made an order, his people followed it, and we are seeing the positive results. This is how it’s supposed to work. Not a president ignoring the problem, making excuses for continued failure, and the media spinning it into something positive.

All the while Americans suffer.

This will be the norm going forward for the next four years.  Hopefully longer. The left will try to complain, but they don’t really have a say in the matter.

Source: The Daily Wire

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