WOW! One Of These Outfits Cost $12,000…But It’s The OTHER One That’s Shocking Americans!

People are still talking about Hillary Clinton’s $12,000 Armani jacket, the one she wore to give a speech about poverty. It’s not just the price tag (although you can be certain Clinton got it for free, or pretty close anyway.) The jacket was ugly, too, and looked to be one size too big. It just proves that style and class can’t be bought.

Ivanka Trump’s appearance at the Republican National Convention, on the other hand, stood in stark contrast for many reasons. Her outfit cost about one per cent of Hillary’s, and not only did she look better but as people found out later, there was even more to the story.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

When GOP nominee Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka took the stage at the Republican National Convention last week to talk about the need to “Make America Great Again,” she did so with a dress that reportedly only cost $138.

The Washington Examiner reported that despite being the daughter and wife of fabulously wealthy men, Ivanka wore a simple sheathe dress from her own fashion line that cost practically nothing in comparison to the posh $12,000-plus jackets that Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton prefers to wear during her speeches.

Yet [Hillary Clinton] waltzes around in luxurious clothing, carries lavish handbags, hangs out with Wall Street fat cats and reportedly hasn’t driven a car since 1996. She understands the concerns of everyday men and women about as much as first lady Michelle Obama understands what schoolchildren want to eat.

Americans of all political stripes say they are fed up with the elites. The Trumps and the Clintons are both wealthy, but voters are smart enough to know the difference between the two families and candidates and how they acquired their wealth. If anything, these contrasting fashion choices simply cast those differences into high relief.

Credit: Conservative Tribune

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