BUSTED: Online Trolls Get Real Life Lesson In Karma…Thanks To This Sports Legend

It’s a special time in a parent’s life when one of their children is accepted into college. They’ve spent years nurturing them, teaching them all that they could, to finally see them spreading their wings to fly.

It’s especially wonderful when a daughter follows in her father’s footsteps in pursuing the same sport he loved.

So you could understand why a dad would openly want to congratulate a daughter, online or otherwise. Unfortunately for this dad, his daughter became the subject of online abuse.

Unfortunately for the trolls, this dad wasn’t going to have it.

World Series MVP and future Hall of Fame pitcher, Curt Schilling, recently celebrated the news of his daughter being accepted to college and pitching for the softball team. He spread the news on social media network Twitter, saying:

We would be remiss to neglect mentioning the many who joined in congratulating Schilling and his 17-year-old daughter. But the happy news was tarnished by a slew of vile, abusive comments.

According to Conservative Tribune:

A few took the opportunity to hit on her, and some even descended to posting crude vulgarities aimed at the young woman.

This kind of conduct is all too common online, where it usually goes on unpunished. But the former Boston Red Sox star has a reputation for not giving up, so he decided to seek justice.

Using publicly available information, Schilling was able to track down at least nine of the worst trolls, causing them to lose their jobs or be kicked off their athletic teams … “and we’re not done,” he added.

“Lost in all of this is, my daughter is 17. She’s a minor. And these guys are all adults. I’m pursuing legal recourse on a couple of them because they broke the law. What they did can have them labeled as a sex offender for the rest of their lives.

Sounds like a strong response? You might not think so if you have young daughters online. The kind of harassment women deal with at the hands of faceless cowards is overwhelming. They are confronted with sexually explicit comments, vulgar responses, sometimes even death threats.

Schilling also took to his blog and posted a lengthy discussion on the topic, singling out the bullies who targeted his daughter.

Schilling also made it clear that he wasn’t so much interested in getting personal revenge, but in pushing back against online bullying that can lead some young people to despair and even suicide.

In this case, justice was served, at least to a few. We should thank people like Schilling, who are setting an example online, that harassment and abuse towards anyone will no longer be tolerated.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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