REVEALED: Orlando Killer Left CHILLING 6 Word Note…Makes His Motivation Clear!

After the Orlando terrorist attack, ghoulish leftists jumped on social media to blame the atrocity on their enemies — the NRA, “right wing” Christians — instead of admitting the painful truth: The perpetrator belonged to one of their protected groups, that is, Muslims.

Some of these “progressives” are so delusional that even the shooter’s own words probably won’t sway them. They would literally rather die than admit the truth and have to abandon their ideology.

The mainstream media helps them retain their delusions by picking and choosing which facts to report. Will they, for example, pick up on this news story by Michelle Jesse?

In the hours immediately following the massacre, we learned Mateen had made a call to 911 just before his attack to pledge his allegiance to ISIS.

And today, authorities have revealed a chilling six-word message Mateen left on the day of the shooting — apparently for the Orlando victims and all of us.

    #BREAKING– per law enforcement source, on day of #PulseShooting, Mateen posted “Now taste the Islamic state vengeance.” #WFTV

    — Karla Ray (@KRayWFTV) June 14, 2016

Clearly, Mateen wanted the world to have no doubt about his motivations and intentions for doing what he did.

It’s just our own president and his minions who want to try to keep us deceived by the big lie that radical Islam is an existential threat to our people, our nation and our very civilization.


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