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Patriots Are UP IN ARMS Over Media’s Shock Statement On The American Flag…Are You?
By Kay Johnson|April 19, 2017

Playing the game of “what can I be offended by today” has become the favorite pastime of the modern liberal.

For other Americans, the great pastime is the sport of baseball, and during the recent opening ceremony for the Atlanta Braves, our country was also celebrated.

A gargantuan Old Glory was unfurled across the field, while military jets flew over in a grand display of patriotism.

Most in the crowd enjoyed the spectacle, standing for the national anthem and applauding in a show of American unity.

But for one NBC Sportswriter, the ceremony was much too triggering, and he tweeted his offense so that all could share in his oppression.

Oh, and then he doubled down and made it worse:

Should someone this sensitive even be allowed to report on sports? There once was a time when men were men and didn’t feel the need to whine about every single thing that upset them.

Liberals are so desperate to be victims that they take every opportunity they can to bemoan their lot in life and actively seek out fictional problems to complain about.

We all know that sportswriter Calcaterra isn’t really upset about the flag. He’s upset because America is now being run by someone he doesn’t like.

Now that Trump is our president, liberals view the American flag and our military as boogeymen to be feared.

Ironic, given that these types of military displays occurred frequently during sporting events when Obama was president. Yet nowhere on Calcaterra’s Twitter feed does he complain about it.

But who needs ideological consistency when your fellow mentally ill liberals will pat you on the back for being a quivering pansy?

Calcaterra wants to believe that the military display was injecting politics into the baseball game, but the only person injecting politics into the sport was him.

For Calcaterra, seeing people take pride in our country is just another bitter reminder that Democrats lost the election.

For those of us that love our country, it’s the exact opposite. God bless the USA!

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Source: The Daily Wire

Kay Johnson
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