Breaking: Paul Ryan Just Double-Crossed Trump…Cuts Sick Deal With Obama!

Passed all the rumor-spreading and false accusations, the nation of Russia has been playing fast and loose on the global scene for years. Going against urgings from the U.N., America, and other nations, they have invaded other countries, annexing them to their own or getting involved in military conflicts.

It’s clear that Vladimir Putin wants to aggressively expand his county’s power and influence around the world. By force. Perhaps he even wants to return the “glory” days of the U.S.S.R., when Russia controlled large portions of Europe.

Yet while Russia has been behaving this way for years, the Obama administration has done nothing. It was under his leadership that Hillary Clinton presented the ridiculous “reset button” to Putin, signifying that our two countries relationship was starting over. Obama and Clinton even provided 20% of U.S. uranium to Russia.

But only now, with less than a month left in office, does Obama push for sanctions on the superpower. This move will not produce lasting results. Indeed, it seems Obama did it to only frustrate Donald Trump’s incoming administration.

From Right Wing News:

House Speaker Paul Ryan has broken from Republicans to praise President Obama for the new sanctions against Russia. He admitted that Russia does not take into account American interests, nor do they share our values.

Ryan said the retaliation is “overdue” and appropriate considering the alleged hacking that took place during our election.

Trump is not going to be happy about this.

Jim Sciutto posted a segment of the statement on his Twitter account.

Paul Ryan is a long time Washington insider who resisted Donald Trump’s campaign during the election. Early on, there was even speculation he’d try to block Trump’s nomination and take it for himself.

So it comes as no surprise that the speaker is now already going against the President-elect and backing yet another disastrous Obama policy. Much like in the area of immigration and Obamacare, Ryan is betraying his own party to support the toxic plans of the left.

What does Ryan expect to gain from supporting this sanction? Does he really believe in it? Does he really think that this is the right way to handle Russia? Pointless and empty sanctions put into place now will only serve to instigate Russia, complicating our relationship in the coming years.

So either Ryan wants to make Trump’s job much harder, or he wants to ruin his own chances of leading the GOP in the future.

Either way, he’s doing a bang up job.

Source: Right Wing News

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