CRAZY! Pelosi Just Dropped Outrageous Demand On Trump…Proves She’s Going INSANE!

After years of suffering under the incompetently crafted Affordable Care Act, Americans are on the verge of seeing Obamacare officially repealed and replaced.

Don’t be surprised at the ongoing scrutiny of the GOP’s proposed replacement. Both liberal and conservative outlets will go over the details of the new law, in order to fully understand how it will impact Americans and their health care choices.

The irony is that Obamacare never received this level of scrutiny by the general public. The frequently rewritten and dubious law was rammed through Congress simply so that Obama could brag about on this reelection tour. Only years later did Americans realize Obamacare eliminated options and drove prices way up.

Now that we are in the early stages of the GOP replacement bill, much debate goes on over it’s potential. Not surprisingly, we are seeing criticism from the left, who refuse to see Obamacare die.

But they don’t really have any legs to stand on, as the credibility of Washington democrats have been shot to hell, thanks to their own duplicity.

From The Daily Wire:

Tuesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) sent a letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in which she writes that the American people have a right know what’s in the GOP healthcare reform bill before it goes up for a vote…

No need to check your calendars; we’re a full three weeks away from April Fools’ Day.

As if anyone needs a reminder, Pelosi famously said of the Affordable Care Act as it was being rammed through Congress with no Republican support…

But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it–away from the fog of the controversy.”

Wow, talk about hypocrisy.  Apparently, when Pelosi likes a bill, or at least when its pushed by her side, the American people don’t need to know about it. You know, like parts of the bill that causes premiums to skyrocket and force good providers to drop out of the program.

Yet when the GOP and President Trump are working on a bill, now we all have to know what’s in it!

The truth is, the American people always deserved to know what is going into a bill that deeply affects their health care coverage. Yet years ago, the democrats were fine with lying to us. Now that they have no say in the Obamacare replacement, Pelosi suddenly cares about transparency in government.

It’s as if she doesn’t even realize what she’s saying when she says it. Does she really think we don’t remember her words for just a few years ago? Probably because she doesn’t remember them herself!

Make no mistake: Trump and his administration has promised to work with GOP lawmakers to improve the current bill. It will be refined and reshaped as time goes forward, so the best possible plan is signed law.

But even now, we can all agree, anything’s better than Obamacare.

Source: The Daily Wire

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