SHHHA-WING! Dems TERRIFIED Donald Trump Will Flip THIS Key State…And Win The White House

Donald Trump has long claimed that he could change the map.

Republican leaders have scoffed at the notion that he could play in places like New York, Michigan and New Jersey.

But with the Democrats having won states for the last several cycles that total 242 of the 270 electoral votes needed for the presidency, Trump will have to flip something to have a realistic shot at winning.

Now we are starting to see how that might look and Democrats are deeply concerned. Not only do national polls now show Trump tied or beating Clinton nationally, we also see him making serious inroads in a state that the left had long counted on, as WaPo reports…

Causing additional worry for Democrats is that Republicans here have largely embraced Trump faster than expected. [..] In particular, they view his apparent lack of interest in social issues as an opening in the suburbs, where — since the 1990s — once-dominant Republicans often lose moderate voters.

A May 10 poll by Quinnipiac University rattled some Democrats here, showing a one-point lead for Clinton — and voters trusting Trump more to handle terrorism and the economy.

“I’d have been very confident if they’d nominated Sen. [Ted] Cruz because he would have done terribly in the Philadelphia suburbs,” said U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-Pa.), whose district covers safely Democratic parts of Philadelphia and Montgomery County. “The question with Trump is, will he be able to get votes that your typical Republican, like Mitt Romney, couldn’t get? It’s a real X-factor.”

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Source: Washington Post

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