Police Officers SHUNNED Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Performance…Here’s Why

Among the more disappointing moments at Super Bowl 50 was the lackluster halftime show.

Despite a video montage of great halftime shows past, the current one failed to energize fans or excite the audience. It could have been Coldplay’s insistence on playing the same tired music they have for a decade. Or maybe the poor audio for Brunos Mar’s Michael Jackson rip-off…

Perhaps it had mostly to do with Beyonce’s divisive and insulting performance. During the show, she performed a rendition of “Formation,” a new song that aims to destroy whatever good race relations we have left in America.

People noticed, including the National Sheriff’s Association.

According to Conservative Tribune, they “turned off the volume and video to the television when Beyoncé began singing ‘Formation.'” The reason for this was because the “music video released for ‘Formation’ last week showed police officers harassing young black people. It also included graffiti that read, ‘Stop shooting us.'” The live performance was also a tribute to the Black Panthers, a group famous for racial hatred.

It’s understandable why a group of U.S. police officers were upset by this display. An America institution like the Super Bowl becomes a platform for radical hate speech. And the kind of hate speech that has been disproven time and again: that police officers are aggressively targeting black Americans.

Beyonce’s backup dancers were even seen holding up a signs that read “Justice for Mario Woods,” a violent criminal who stabbed a stranger and threatened police officers.

You have to wonder what celebrities like Beyonce or her husband Jay-Z are thinking. They write songs and create performances that stir up the American public, all the while they enjoy a way of life few people can experience. They may claim to represent regular black Americans, but they sure don’t live like them.

Last year the billionaire couple launched music service Tidal, a ridiculous attempt at bilking average people of $20 a month for music they can get for free. They seem incredibly out of touch and this most recent Super Bowl fiasco is only the tip of the iceberg.

When will rich celebrities learn to keep their politics to themselves? Beyonce may like to think she’s a spokesperson for black people and women, but she is nothing like them. As she becomes more rich and famous, she loses any ability to sympathize with the average American.

Maybe one day she’ll get her act together and stop degrading out culture.

What do you think of Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance?

Credit: Conservative Tribune

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