This Woman Just Made The Political Fashion Statement Of The Century…And Liberals Are Going BANANAS!

As far as many viewers are concerned, the red carpet is the most entertaining part of any glitzy show biz awards show.

On social media that night, and around the coffee machine the next morning at work, there is usually one star’s outfit that everyone is talking about.

At this year’s Grammy Awards, the dress getting all the attention wasn’t particularly revealing. The wearer didn’t have a “wardrobe malfunction,” and she wasn’t even a household name — until now.

Last night, singer Joy Villa made the front page of Drudge and was one of the most talked about performers of the evening, all because she showed up in a red, white and blue gown.

One that happened to be decorated with the words “Trump” and “Make America Great Again.” That Villa is biracial seemed to be what triggered a lot of hatred for her fashion choice:

That’s just a sampling of the furious reaction to Joy Villa’s dress, gathered from Twitter.  You can go to the link below if you’re interested in the foul-mouthed bombshells.

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However, there were many viewers who expressed their support for Villa’s message, and her bravery for expressing it in the face of so much hostility, surrounded by the usual Hollywood Trump-haters.

Sure enough, Villa’s songs started creeping up the iTunes bestseller lists as her new fans across America decided to show their support in the most practical manner possible.

Joy Villa’s red carpet “stunt” was such a welcome change from all the unpatriotic Trump-bashing we’ve had to deal with. Let’s hope she stays strong and doesn’t “apologize” later on.

Source: The Right Scoop

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