Americans Declare VERDICT On Trump’s Travel ‘Ban’…And Donald Is Grinning!

The media like to paint public protests as representing the true “voice of the people.” Of course, there was a time when that claim was easier to make.

In the past, people risked a great deal more than they do now when they took to the streets — and in regimes lacking America’s rights and freedoms, they still do.

They had no other outlet for expressing their dissatisfaction with the government.

For the past hundred years or more, artists, academics and the media have romanticized popular street protests to the point where they carry far more moral authority than they should. Like the Berkeley riot below, which President Trump responded to in no uncertain terms:

What about the the opinions of others who have neither the time nor the inclination to attend demonstrations? That’s where opinion polls come in.

As Breitbart reports, there is a disconnect between the hysterical anti-“Muslim ban” demonstrators and ordinary Americans:

Rasmussen Reports filtered out media hysteria and asked likely voters: “The federal government has banned refugees from all countries from entering the United States for the next four months until there is a better system in place to keep out individuals who are terrorist threats. Do you favor or oppose such a ban?” A majority, 52 percent, favored the move, while 43 percent opposed it, and six percent were unsure.

Incredibly, given the portrayal of protesters in the media:

Younger voters are far more in favor of the moratorium than older ones: Of those aged 18 to 39, 57 percent favored the ban. Meanwhile, 49 percent of voters aged 40 and older approved of the ban.

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Not surprisingly, however, there is a dramatic split in terms of party affiliation:

82 percent of Republicans approved of the refugee freeze while 15 percent disapproved. Over a fifth (22 percent) of Democrats approved, while 71 percent opposed it. Of voters not affiliated with either of the two major parties, 54 percent approved and 40 percent disapproved.

Those partisan Democrats have clearly forgotten that Barack Obama has issued similar orders about refugees from Middle Eastern countries. It seems obvious that they are reflexively opposed to anything Trump does, no matter what the facts are.

Note that last figure, too: Most independents approved of Trump’s executive order. As more Americans say they are tired of the traditional two-party political system, the opinions of independents need to be given more consideration.

Source: Breitbart

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