While it’s excellent that this issue is finally being addressed, many parents have already stopped using school lunch programs and are packing their children’s lunches themselves.

But if Perdue and Roberts are successful, they may be able to roll back a few more of Michelle Obama’s asinine regulations regarding this issue.

Schools are currently forced to ask for permission to hold bake sales, and many are banned from holding them because cupcakes don’t meet the federal government’s nutrition requirements.

Despite all of the terrible unintended consequences, Michelle Obama’s school lunch program did serve one purpose. It was a perfect example to kids and teens the effects of authoritarian government meddling in our daily lives.

As economist Milton Friedman said, “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.”

Michelle Obama’s program may have been well-intended, but so was communism. Ultimately, parents should be responsible for taking care of their children, not the government.