SHOCK POLL: Hispanic Vote Is Making Its Move! NO ONE Expected Them To Break For…

Literally from the very day he announced his campaign, the experts said Donald Trump had no chance of winning the Hispanic vote. After all, hadn’t he called all Mexican immigrants “rapists”? (No, he hadn’t, but the media made sure that’s how it was reported…)

Months later, once again the experts seem to have been proven wrong. Since most of those pundits aren’t actually Hispanic, it serves them right for presuming to be able to read the minds of the millions of Americans who are.

The Hill reports on the latest numbers:

[A]s of right now, there is not much evidence to suggest that Trump is faring any worse among Hispanics than did Romney, who at one point argued that illegal immigrants in the United States could be persuaded to “self-­deport.” (…)

A series of Univision polls earlier this month surveying Hispanic voters in four battleground states — Arizona, Colorado, Florida and Nevada — also put Trump in the same ballpark as Romney four years ago. Clinton’s lead over Trump among Hispanics in Colorado was smaller than Obama’s margin in that state in 2012.

Then comes the most startling quotation in the article:

Clinton “has the right team in place and I think people will ‘come home,’ ” said Chuck Rocha, a Hispanic Democratic strategist who worked as a consultant for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) during this year’s Democratic primary. “Latino voters may not have come home yet.”

This is more evidence of the Democrat’s arrogant presumption that certain segments of the population will vote for them no matter what. This expert’s condescending comments also come from a man who led Bernie Sanders to failure instead of victory, so perhaps he isn’t as smart as he thinks he is.

In an election campaign that’s been full of surprises, there may be more in store on election day.

Credit: The Hill

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