Shock Poll: New National Poll HISTORIC For Trump…DEVASTATING For Cruz

It has become pretty clear, even before Indiana votes, that the dam has broken and Donald Trump has all of the momentum.

Several polls over the last few days confirm this.

The Carly Fiorina hail mary did nothing to help Cruz, neither did the Pence endorsement.

Now we have new evidence that Donald Trump is indeed ready and has the backing of the Republican Party to take on Hillary Clinton in the general as a new national poll shows him blowing the race wide open!

Politico has the news…

Donald Trump reached a new high among Republicans in a national NBC News|SurveyMonkey poll released Tuesday.

The real estate mogul has 56 percent support, more than doubling his advantage over Ted Cruz, who sits at 22 percent. John Kasich rounds out the survey with 14 percent support. An additional 7 percent remain undecided.

This race is over as Indiana will bear out soon. It is time for Ted Cruz to admit the inevitable and end his campaign.

Source: Politico

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