SHOCK POLL: Latest Numbers Are In…One Candidate Is Closing Fast!

The polls have been volatile this summer, soaring and dipping in reaction to both conventions, each scandal (Hillary) and  every comment the media decides to blow out of proportion (Trump).

The latest swing following the election was toward Hillary after her convention, and the Democrats were already declaring victory.  Donald Trump has refused to give up after one bad week in the press, and though some skeptical onlookers were surprised, he refocused on his message.  Monday he laid out his tax plans, which include tax cuts for millions of middle class Americans, in stark contrast to Hillary.

The Bloomberg Politics Poll is starting to pick up on some significant movement some polls have not yet detected.  The NY Post reports:

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump is shrinking, with a new poll released Wednesday showing her margin down to 4 points.

The same poll last month had Clinton with a much larger lead, with the Democrat at 49 percent, Trump at 37 and Johnson at 9 percent.

Clinton notched 44 percent to Trump’s 40 percent in the Bloomberg Politics poll, which had Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson at 9 percent, while Green Party candidate Jill Stein tallied 4 percent.

This is a very large swing back toward Trump.  Pundits will be watching and waiting to see if the trend continues.  Hillary’s Wikileaks revelations have been heating up in the news once again while the mainstream media tries to suss out the smallest comment of Trump’s to turn into breaking news.  There is still plenty of race left—one day at a time.

Source: NY Post


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