SHOCK POLL: Latest Numbers Are In For CRUCIAL Swing State…No One Expected This!

While many of the blue and red states seem locked up at the moment, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are fighting furiously over the swing states that often determine elections.

Of course Florida and Ohio have historically been the biggest toss-ups, but there are other states that have been reliable indicators of the winner.  Nevada, for instance, has been a bellwether for presidential elections for 100 years.

New polling is in suggesting that that recent national polls done by the mainstream media giants are not giving Americans a clear picture of the race, especially when it comes to the crucial swing states.  From HotAir:

Donald Trump’s team can use a bit of good news from a poll, and Suffolk’s survey of Nevada might just brighten their day — a bit, anyway. The poll, conducted Monday through Wednesday this week among 500 likely voters, shows Hillary Clinton in the lead, but only by two points, 44/42. Given the trends of the past three weeks, and Nevada’s electoral history, that’s a relatively positive outcome:

A new Suffolk University poll of Nevada voters shows a statistical dead heat in the presidential race, with Democrat Hillary Clinton leading Republican Donald Trump 44 percent to 42 percent… Clinton’s 13-point Clark County lead countered a 3-point deficit in Washoe county and a 46-point deficit in the smaller counties of central Nevada.

HotAir provides more commentary on the significance of these numbers:

Nevada has been a reliable swing state for more than a century. The only election in which Nevada did not go to the winner in the past 100 years was the 1976 election that elected Jimmy Carter. However, the margins of victory were tremendously wide for Barack Obama in the last two elections; he won by 12.4 points in 2008 and by 6.7 points in 2012.

So, even though Real Clear Politics shows an aggregate lead of 6 points for Hillary Clinton, Americans are starting to get clear indications that Hillary’s support is once again eroding while Donald Trump gains strength.  He has shifted to some new tactics that may be paying off in the near future.

Source: HotAir

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