POLL: Latest Numbers Reveal MAJOR Development…One Candidate Is Spiraling Downward!

You have to hand it to the media, they really do know how to spin the news.  Not just an individual story, but an entire campaign season.

The narrative so far? Clinton has already won.  There’s nothing she can do to catch up.

Then they create the evidence they need to back up these claims, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because so many Americans are just lemmings headed towards the cliff—the Clinton/Kaine cliff, that is.

If the media spin was the truth, we would have to be honest with you and start preparing for the worst.  However, the truth is so very different than what most people are seeing on TV and reading each day.  The truth is that this is a tight race that just took another wild turn.

The Los Angeles Times/USC Poll posted its results today, and it has a surprising development:


First, notice the amount of time each candidate has led.  According to the LA Times, not known as a bastion of conservatism, it is Trump who has led a majority of the time since July 10th.  Donald has held the greatest lead despite the liberal media’s attacks on him, and the past week or two has been a dead heat.

Second, look at the trajectory today.  While there is a chance they could continue this tango for the foreseeable future, Hillary has just hit her lowest level of support since July.  It looks like the pay-for-play operation between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department is finally starting to take its toll.

With Trump’s numbers now as high as they have been since the immediate aftermath of the conventions and trending upward, do not be surprised if Hillary’s extended campaign arm, AKA the media, goes all out to take Trump down.  But with other national polls unable to keep up the lie much longer, they are trending down as well, showing that Trump is in the best place he has been in since the conventions.

So don’t be surprised if the news seems to turn grim again.  That only means Trump is on a roll and the media are deathly afraid.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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