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Is Maxine Waters The Dumbest Congresswoman Ever?
By Faith Braverman|April 24, 2017

If you’re ever asked to pick your favorite crazy liberal politician, it’s okay to stop and think about it.

All of them make such hilariously outlandish remarks that it’s tough to decide who provides the most comic relief.

If the left weren’t always so eager to hoist their loudest idiots onto their shoulders, we wouldn’t have so many liberal gaffes to choose from.

Even MSNBC, arguably the most liberal news network in existence, is beginning to realize just how many crazies are in the Democratic Party.

During a recent interview with the station, Rep. Maxine Waters of California made an impressive unintentional argument for why she should receive the title of Dumbest Liberal.

After tweeting repeatedly that she was working to get President Trump impeached, she appeared to completely forget about it during her live interview.

Watch below. If you can’t stomach the liberal whining (we completely understand!), jump to 1:30:

Now you’ve heard it, so what do you think, America?

Hearing a liberal reporter ask Rep. Waters tough questions almost defies belief. Since when does the left engage in actual journalism?

But even then, Maxine just can’t keep up.

Perhaps it’s a sign of her old age, but all of Maxine Waters’s speculations during her segment are just that: speculation.

It has not been confirmed that Russia hacked the DNC, but Waters and her liberal comrades continue to spout this lie.

They are doing so in an attempt to distract Americans from what the DNC emails revealed about their corrupt organization.

This is hardly the first time Maxine Waters has made a complete fool of herself when put on the spot. Back in 2008,  Maxine Waters let out a freudian slip while shrieking at the President of Shell Oil, claiming that she was going to “socialize” the oil industry.

Waters has also claimed she is a millennial, despite being born in 1938.

As hilarious as the above examples are, it’s Waters’s MSNBC interview that takes the cake.

This is one liberal takedown that requires multiple viewings. Share with a friend who needs a good laugh today!

And if you can’t get enough of ol’ Maxine, check out this EPIC supercut of her brilliance:

Source: Yes I’m Right

Faith Braverman
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