BOOM! New Poll Of Indiana Has #NeverTrump Crying…Blowout Coming?

Ted Cruz has been pining for a one-on-one match-up against Donald Trump.

With the decision of John Kasich to pull out of Indiana’s primary, Cruz is finally getting what he wants.

So how do things play out when Ted Cruz gets his wish and goes mano y mano with Trump?

Not so good apparently.

Slate reports on the latest poll out of the Hoosier State…

It’s hardly a secret just how important Indiana has become in the Republican contest. And a new poll out Sunday is likely giving heartburn to the GOP establishment eager to find a way to stop Donald Trump before the convention. According to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll, Trump has support from 49 percent of likely Republican Indiana voters, while Cruz has 34 percent and John Kasich, 13 percent. Trump’s 14-point lead is much wider than other polls in the state and suggests momentum could be on the billionaire’s side.

Some Cruz backers are already crying into their beers and threatening to leave the GOP, knowing that a win in Indiana will all but seal the deal for Donald Trump.

As quoted in Slate…

“If a result even close to this occurs on Tuesday, then we can all get ready to find a new party to call home,” writes Red State’s Leon Wolf.

Source: Slate

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