SHOCK POLL: Union Leaders In A Panic…THIS Could Swing The Election To Trump!

Union membership is declining, and with, the power of union leaders. Once able to make or break an election, labor movement bigwigs can’t accept that the rank and file don’t share their support of flaky “progressive” causes and (usually) Democratic candidates.

Donald Trump’s tough talking, patriotic attitude was guaranteed to appeal more to the average working man than Hillary Clinton’s stale “rainbow” rhetoric and scolding tone. If anyone can break the stranglehold the Democrats have on American labor, it’s “The Donald.”

The Daily Caller reports:

“Everybody recognizes the enormous threat Trump poses” Communications Workers of America Political Director Robert Master told The Wall Street Journal. “There’s an element in that right-wing populism that is appealing to some of our members, there’s no question about that.”

National unions have overwhelming endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president. Wall Street Journal/NBC News polling data, however, shows Clinton and Trump both have 44 percent support among union households. AFL-CIO Political Director Mike Podhorzer notes union workers became less supportive once they learned where Trump stood on workplace issues.


Trump has expressed support for right-to-work while also noting the minimum wage should be left to the states. The union has already mobilized members and supporters on the grassroots level to oppose Trump, but thus far the attacks have not had a huge impact.


The AFL-CIO, alongside several other top unions, launched a political action fund May 12 with environmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer. The union’s aim was to influence the current presidential election and oppose Trump. Several trade unions promptly wrote a letter to the unions arguing many of the environmentalist policies Steyer supports kills good blue-collar jobs.

Trump’s signature issue is illegal immigration. Once upon a time, unions opposed the influx of “undocumented workers” for obvious reasons. That was before the Democratic Party adopted racial “identity group” politics.

Could Donald Trump bring America’s blue collar workers back into the Republican fold once and for all?

Source: Daily Caller

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