POWERFUL: Amazing Message From Greatest Gen to Millennials Is Burning Up The Net! [SHARE]

A viral video circulated over the weekend, showing a man with a microphone asking passersby why America celebrated Memorial Day. One mused that it commemorated the signing of the Declaration of Independence, while another figured it had something to do with the moon landing.

Ironically for a holiday with “memorial” right in its name, it was clear that too many average folks really had no idea why they had the day off work.

Fortunately, one writer attempted to rectify that in a poem addressed to spoiled Millennials.

At the Independent Journal, Justen Charters wrote:

Dear entitled college student,

They were issued combat boots to storm Normandy. You just tie your Nike shoelaces.

You throw tantrums against Freedom of Speech. Iwo Jima and Nazi Europe were their safe spaces.

They dug trenches in the blistering heat. You hold a protest sign while carrying a bottle of Gatorade in hand.

You’ve distorted the idea of what it means to have courage and really take a stand.

The sad fact is, however, that there seem to be a lot of “grown ups” who need to heed this message, too.

The whole piece is worth a read and a share at IJReview.

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