EPIC! This POWERFUL MESSAGE is Going Viral..And Has Leftist Snowflakes Running For Their Safe Spaces

The noise from Millennials has grown to a deafening roar across the Internet.

You cannot spend much time on social media without hear from college age “social warriors” who whine and attack perceived enemies of humanity.

If you have a differing opinion than theirs, they’ll mark you as either a homophobe, sexist, racist, or some other form of invented hate monger.

In addition to this, college students are coddled. They complain when anything is too difficult for them to deal with, often blaming the institutions that are providing them education.

It’s clear they want a world free from pain and expect everyone else to bend over backwards for them.

CEO Kyle S. Reyes had enough and sent them a loud and clear message: shut the hell up. The New Boston Post has the details…

You’re studying and learning during the Industrial Revolution of our generation. It’s exciting. It’s encouraging. It’s liberating. And yet somehow, it’s also leading to your wussification…

I’m sorry. I hope you didn’t mistake this letter to be one that would tell you how wonderful you are and that you’re going to make the world a wonderful place. No, my friends, that’s not what this letter is at all. This is an open letter to all those of you who are whining your way through college looking for a safe place and an entitled hall pass.

The letter is a shocking wake-up call to everyone who will hear it. He lets them know that the business world doesn’t give a damn about their small problems. The real world is dangerous place and they need to toughen up.

In college, any time your feelings were hurt, you were a victim. If you were challenged, the challenger was a “bigot” and you were the poor person who had their feelings hurt. Here in the real world, we expect you to be challenged and to understand that humility is just as important as bravado. Selflessness is more important that selfishness. The content of who you are as a person is more important than the color of your skin or your socio-economic background or your sex or your weight or your religious affiliation.

It’s a piece every whiney college student needs to read, but probably won’t.

Keep in mind that the write, Kyle Reyes, isn’t trying to be rude. He’s not interested in just hurting a generation’s feelings. He’s trying to help them; to get them ready for the real challenges they’re going to face the second they graduate from college.

It’s better that they learn them now, before they enter the working world.  Don’t you agree?

Source: New Boston Post

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