Prankster BURNS Hillary Ahead Of L.A. Trip…These Signs Have Her FURIOUS! – OUCH

When the Hillary Clinton campaign unveiled its official logo, the jokes came fast and furious.

Some noticed that the “H” segmented by an arrow looked like a reference to 9/11 and the Twin Towers — definitely not the impression you want to leave with potential voters.

Others said it looked like the street sign you’d see directing you to the nearest hospital, and warned that this unintentional connotation would turn voters off. How right they were.

Now that resemblance is being played up by anti-Hillary activists, and the joke is on her:

While Clinton was likely expecting to be greeted with champagne toasts and caviar, a local LA street artist had something else in mind for the former Secretary of State’s visit.

In recent days, hospital signs featuring Hillary Clinton’s “H” logo have been popping up around Los Angeles hospitals including Cedars-Sinai, St. John’s, UCLA and Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. The signs also features her name Hillary with selectively bolded letters, a clear allusion to continued speculation about Mrs. Clinton’s health.

Ironically, one sign was placed in front of the Steven Spielberg Pediatric Research Center. The famed director has contributed handsomely to Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign.

hillary_clinton hospital

It’s possible that these spoof signs were made by an angry Bernie Sanders supporter, but in fact, this is the sort of thing conservatives need to do more often. Humorous, biting mischief like this would go a long way to curing Republicans of their stuffy image, and when these photos go viral, they will reinforce the serious message that Hillary Clinton is too sick to hold the nation’s highest office.

Source: Sean Hannity

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