Who This Canadian Woman Found Praying In Her Backyard Has Set The Internet On Fire! [Pic]

“I didn’t notice it when I was taking them, but when I started to go through to edit them, oh my God, I was like, ’Holy crap, he’s praying!”’ the 22-year-old said from her home in Wesleyville, a shoreline community on Newfoundland’s central coast.

Jessica Andrews is referring to the shocking scene she came home to after work. She had heard that these special visitors sometimes visited the area, but she never expected to find THIS…

Apparently, the polar bear sniffed around the area and played in the snow, as well as taking a few minutes to show proper reverence for the King of Kings.

Said Andrews, “It looked like he was having so much fun and it made me happy!” she said, adding that she took about 200 photos of the bear.

Source: Toronto Sun

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