Clinton PROMISES TO Work With GOP As Prez…He BIZARRE Strategy REVEALED!

While most Republican voters are rooting for Donald Trump to beat Hillary Clinton, his support among the establishment is decidedly softer. In recent weeks some insiders have even signaled a willingness to work with her, if not outright support.

Clinton seems to know that she is not going to peel off a lot of rank and file Republicans with her class warfare, socialist rhetoric, but she is quietly sending signs to the power brokers that she is ready to sit down and deal.

She may not be picking out the new curtains for the Oval Office yet, but Hillary Clinton is already making big plans should she win in November.

Weirdly, a lot of these plans seem to involve drinking plenty of booze.

The subject of alcohol comes up frequently in a friendly New York Times piece by Patrick Healy, that speculates on “President” Hillary Clinton’s governing style:

Mrs. Clinton would even schmooze differently than the past few presidents have. Not one to do business over golf or basketball, she would bring back the intimate style of former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Lyndon B. Johnson, negotiating over adult beverages. Picture a steady stream of senators, congressmen and other leaders raising a glass and talking policy in the Oval Office with her and her likely chief of staff, John D. Podesta, as her husband pops in with a quick thought or a disarming compliment.


Mrs. Clinton’s ability to use alcohol as a political lubricant came up repeatedly when allies and advisers were asked how she might work with Republicans. Her tale about a drinking contest with Senator John McCain of Arizona is now a Washington legend. (She said they called it quits before things got out of hand.)


“She likes to cajole, she likes to make deals, and she likes to make friends,” said Richard Socarides, a former policy adviser to Bill Clinton and a longtime supporter of Mrs. Clinton. “And she knows it’s much harder to go after someone who you basically like, who you’ve had a drink with.”

One doesn’t need to be a teetotaler to find this a bit concerning.

In fact, anyone who does drink probably remembers an occasion or two when they’ve “solved the problems of the world” with their buddies over a few cocktails.

In the harsh light of day, those solutions seem less than brilliant — but unlike Hillary and Co., none of us are in the position to implement them, either.

Source: New York Times

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