Look Who’s Just Been Thrown In Prison For 5 Years—Leaves Antifa Shaking In Its Boots

Here’s a heads up for anyone that’s planning on hanging with the cool kids and doing a little protesting this weekend: If you throw a flare into a police car, you could find yourself in trouble.

While that’s common sense for most fully functioning adults, we have a real life example to rely on for those that may be confused.

Back on May 1, the streets of downtown Portland were consumed with chaos. Masked ‘protesters’ wreaked havoc on the area, and law enforcement had their hands full.

Thankfully, the officers made some headway rather quickly. One of the most egregious offenders was hauled in, and he’ll now have five long years to think through the wisdom of his actions.

Oregon Live shares the details.

A local TV station aired live footage of Damion Zachary Feller hurling a flare through a shattered picture window at Target, prompting employees to run with fire extinguishers to put out a burning section of carpet. TV and cellphone cameras also caught Feller throwing a flare through the shattered window of a battered police SUV parked across the street from Target, at Southwest 10th Avenue and Morrison.

Other people clad all in black or wearing masks can be seen on the videos kicking or whacking windows of the police car seconds before Feller swoops in with the flares.

Police identified Feller as among a group of about 20 anarchists who descended on downtown as peaceful May Day protesters spoke about a variety of social issues. Officers arrested 25 people that day for vandalizing property, setting fires, throwing rocks and other violence.

After being arrested, Feller recognized that he had perhaps fallen in with the wrong crowd. He noted that he got caught up in the ‘mob mentality’ before behaving as he did.

While we’re happy that he’s had his ‘a-ha’ moment, it came far too late.    

Shortly after his arrest, Feller told authorities that he doesn’t talk to his family, which includes his grandmother in Longview and his parents in Colorado. He said he’d been homeless for the past year, been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and smoked marijuana daily.

He said he’s unemployed, although he occasionally picks up odd jobs through the temporary job service Labor Ready.

Sounds like a troubled young man, and we sincerely hope that he comes out as a changed person after serving his time.

That being said, folks that decide protesting is the cure all for their problems need to come to terms with a few simple facts.

Assaulting others, breaking stuff, and acting like a neanderthal is not a representation of how passionate you are. However, it is an indication that you’re a menace that needs to be off of the streets.

Hence, members of law enforcement may very well haul you in to answer for your actions. Epiphanies after the fact will do little to spark leniency from arresting officers and sentencing judges.

Hopefully, Feller realizes that now. Perhaps Antifa and other violent groups can start affixing a warning label to their recruitment literature as we move forward.  


Source: Oregon Live

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