This Harvard Professor’s Advise Is HORRIFYING! Wants Liberals To Treat Christians Like…

Folks we are losing the culture war.

We are losing because this kind of stuff is considered “mainstream,” but praying to the Lord is somehow dangerous.

We can live with atheists and leftists, but they will not tolerate us and its time we start acknowledging it!

How sad that once a fine institution like Harvard is home to raving lunatics and radical villains of freedom.

A university that was the center of religious learning and thought now employs a secular humanist that calls conservative Christians “racists and Nazis.”

From Breitbart:

A Harvard Law professor is telling his fellow liberals that the culture wars are over and the victorious Left should treat conservative Christians the way the allies treated Germany and Japan after World War II, offering no quarter or clemency.

In an online post, the 70-year-old professor Mark Tushnet… a surviving member of the old guard of 1960s liberal elites, advises his like-minded minions to unabashedly take up “aggressively liberal positions,” because they will no longer meet resistance, especially after the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

So this arrogant liberal elitist is celebrating the death of Antonin Scalia, by announcing the left has won the war. This man is delusional in so many ways, I don’t have time to explain them all.

The idea of a “culture war” is a carryover from 1960’s counterculture. It was a poor attempt at creating an “us vs. them” environment during the protests of that era. Somebody should have told Tushnet that the sixties ended a long time ago.

Despite the fact that there are disagreements between liberals and conservatives, maintaining that there is a “war” is something of an overstatement.

This gives liberals an excuse to fight, play dirty, and lie to promote their political goals. It’s true, there is such a thing as a liberal agenda, but Tushnet would like us to believe both sides have been hunkered down in trenches for the last fifty years and the recent Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage has signaled the end of this war.

Putting aside the fact that there are more conservatives than liberals in this country and that record numbers of voters have been supporting the GOP this year, let’s look at what Tushnet is really trying to say.

The senior citizen claims his side has won this war and that they should treat the losers as dangerous criminals, akin to Nazis.

As author and commentator Ryan Anderson observes, Tushnet depicts the “losers” of the American culture wars—meaning primarily Orthodox Jews, Roman Catholics and Evangelical Christians—as “the functional equivalent of racists and Nazis.”

“Tushnet blames what he calls the ‘culture wars’ on conservatives, and he says liberals should now make conservatives pay,” Ryan adds.

Oh how nice and American of him. He has crowned himself the victor and has passed judgment on the vast majority of Americans.

Would Tushnet like to round us up and put us in jail?

Is he so threatened by what we believe and stand for, that he’s willing to attack our liberties?

Make no mistake, Tushnet and every radical leftist like him are running scared. They had eight years with a liberal president and accomplished nothing but ruin.

Now we have a real chance at restoring strong, conservative leadership in the White House and he’s panicking. A Republican president will dismantle Obama’s legacy and destroy the schemes of the liberal elite. Tushnet’s bizarre post is actually announcing the death nail of their cause.

The curious thing about these rantings of a gray-haired establishment hippie is that they ring of desperation rather than victory. As much as he crows of having won, his words betray the insecurity of someone who knows he will die before he ever really sees the complete liberal triumph that he dreams of.

One of the oldest tricks in combat is the bluff of declaring yourself the victor, in the hope that your adversary will concede a loss.

Hey conservatives, are you going to let this out-of-touch villain have his way?

Have the liberals “won” their invented war?

Or will traditional values and American principles win the day?

Let’s take a stand for what we believe in and send a message to Tushnet that he’s far from won.

Source: Breitbart

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