HUMILIATING: Professor Claims Trump Supports What?!…Fox News Host UNLOADS On Him! [WATCH]

Now that Donald Trump is the full-fledged president-elect, the liberal left has stepped up their grand march to insanity over it by accusing him of …..well basically every vile and horrible thing the leftists can invent to slander him with.

Their narrative, right from the beginning, has been that Trump is a racist, sexist, Islamophobic, xenophobic, homophobe with delusions of grandeur who got elected because of Russian hacking, likes to grope women on planes, and isn’t qualified to have access to the nuclear button.

I’m sure that, by the end of Trump’s first 100 days, the left will have added a few more outrageous and unsubstantiated accusations to the list.

When Barack Obama ran for president, the establishment media did everything in their power to hide his unsavory past and keep his communist mentoring out of the minds of the voting public.  However, Donald Trump is a well known public figure whom nearly everybody is familiar with outside of politics and all the insider’s biggest objection to him is the fact that he isn’t a political insider.

They all want to stir up the butthurt snowflake crowd into nervous breakdowns over Trump so the anti-Trump political-media propaganda machine has to use their go-to narrative that they use for all Republican candidates.

Louder With Crowder explains:

At this point, you have to assume professors and students are saying stupid things just to get invite on Tucker Carlson’s show. In the past month alone we’ve had Tucker Carlson Drop Kicks Smug College Student Over Trump and Tucker Carlson Makes Mince Meat of College Student Who Hates American Flag. Now, it’s this clown claiming that Donald Trump legitimized white power.

Carlson responded, saying Macula’s description was simply that of someone he “disagreed” with, and couldn’t be “irresponsible”.

Macula faulted Trump for allegedly retweeting white supremacists 75 times and not refuting support from Klan sympathizers, including those in North Carolina who marched in his honor.

Carlson called such a requirement a representation of McCarthyism.

The accusations leftists make against Republican or “conservative” candidates are never actually supported with any real evidence. It’s all just hearsay, but they figure if they say it enough times, it becomes the truth. The sad thing is, other leftists believe it without vetting it and end up just becoming a mindless angry mob looking for a monster to burn.

Source: Louder with Crowder

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