Prophet Who Predicted Trump, Brexit Wins Has 2018 Prediction For Donald – Americans Blown Away

The popularity and attention that President Donald Trump generates attracts all sorts of critics and commentators.

There are no end of talking heads who like to put their spin on current events, for a taste of the spotlight.

That includes some of the strangest figures in the public space, including psychics.

Now, one of these crystal ball-carrying mediums is predicting a few things about next year. Including what’s in store for Donald Trump and the United States.

From The Mirror:

A psychic who predicted the election of Donald Trump has revealed his expectations for 2018.

Craig Hamilton-Parker’s list includes a revolution in North Korea that brings down Kim Jong-un’s regime, a terrorist incident on a British motorway, a chemical weapons attack by drones on a European capital and Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle .

He previously forecast Brexit , Trump’s victory and the Nice terror attack…

An attempt to impeach Donald Trump in mid 2018 will fail and he will become more popular as a result…

Trump will initiate a massive trade deal with the UK ahead of Brexit that will shake the EU. The deal will concern arms, high-tech services and the motor industry.

This “psychic” went on to predict a shocking number of things for 2018. So many, in fact, that he’s bound to be wrong about quite a few. Yet the media will zero in on the few, vague comments that do come true, to make it seem like this guy’s on the level.

I’m not quite sure. The media points that he was “right” about Brexit and Trump. But many of us knew those things would happen. You didn’t have to be psychic to have predicted the British wanted out of the E.U. and that Americans hated Hillary Clinton and liked Trump.

But his predictions about America are noteworthy. We know that pathetic democrats in D.C. have been pushing to impeach Trump since the day he was elected. All attempts have failed thus far, because they have zero ground to stand on. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them try again, only to fail miserably.

Will the U.S and the U.K. broker a massive trade deal? It’s possible. The United States and Britain have a long history of trade. Both countries would benefit from deals that bolster manufacturing and jobs. Will it “shake the EU”? Craig’s saying it will. The rest of us? We’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think? Do you put any stock in what this psychic says?

Source: The Mirror

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