Protesters Try To Burn Our Flag…They Never Saw THIS Coming – JUSTICE SERVED!

Left-wing protesters are literally playing with fire.

Yes, it is legal to burn the American flag — the Supreme Court says so. And on Wednesday, the man whose flag burning led to that 1989 SCOTUS decision was at it again.

Gregory Johnson was one of a number of people arrested during a protest outside the Republican National Convention after burning the stars and stripes. In some respects, however, the difference between what happened almost 30 years ago and today was striking.

Conservative Tribune reports:

As the protesters readied themselves to light the flag, they were confronted by a group of bikers bearing fire extinguishers ready to put out the blaze.

The bikers were in turn joined by some of Cleveland’s brave firefighters, who were also on scene for the same reason.

The flag was ultimately burned, and police used pepper spray to break up the crowd that had gathered around the flaming fabric.

They note that while it is legal to burn an American flag, in Cleveland it is also illegal to set fire in a crowd, not to mention simply unsafe under the circumstances. If anyone decided to set fire to a pile of newspapers or rags in the middle of the street for some clearly non-political reason, obviously they too would be arrested.

It’s hard to understand what protesters hope to accomplish with this particular stunt. No one who was planning to vote for Donald Trump is going to change their minds due to this protest, so the only possible motive must be self-aggrandizement on the part of protesters.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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