Putin Makes A Surprise Visit…Serious Implications For Trump Administration!

Russian science doesn’t exactly have a great reputation. In the Soviet era, the communists devoted decades to the study of such dubious subjects as ESP. The crackpot ideas of Trofim Lysenko led Stalin to execute that scientists opponents and led to the development of a twisted eugenics movement.

So this latest news report should be taken seriously, but also with a grain of salt.

As reported at the UK’s Daily Star, Vladimir Putin recently toured a factory that is supposedly working on a fountain of youth:

As well as seeking a “youth pill” in laboratory tests, the plant is also working on treatments to combat cancer.

Last year, a bizarre theory emerged that Vlad may actually be a time traveller after a series of snaps were discovered appearing to show the leader living in different decades – but appearing the same.

Of an anti-ageing breakthrough, scientist Alexander Karabelsk told Putin and Nazarbayev: “We are expecting the first results within a year.”

On a more serious note:

The visit to the anti-ageing plant came soon after a strong hint from the Putin camp that he does intend to stay in power until the age of 71.

Putin is being pressed to seek another six year term in 2018. Of course, everyone is eager to watch the interplay between the Russian leader and President Donald Trump in the years ahead.

If Putin is replaced by an unknown, it could throw into question any plans the Trump White House has for American-Russian relations.

Source: Daily Star

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