QUESTION: Trump Is Down To Two Choices For VP…Who would you choose?

Now that he’s the presumptive nominee, the question on everyone’s mind is: Who will Donald Trump choose as his running mate? Vice presidential picks often come down to contrasts in geography, ideology and even age: A northerner picks someone from the South, or a younger man chooses an older one for the second spot on the ticket.

In a campaign that’s been full of surprises, it would be foolish to underestimate Trump’s capacity to pick a far out dark horse. Comedians joke that one of his former Apprentice contestants could get the nod.

At the Washington Post, a couple of more realistic names are being put forward:

Donald Trump’s campaign has begun formally vetting possible running mates, with former House speaker Newt Gingrich emerging as the leading candidate, followed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. (…)

With Gingrich, 73, or Christie, 53, the 70-year-old mogul would be joined by a well-connected Republican who shares his combative style and his ease at being a ubiquitous media presence. Both men have won Trump’s favor by actively supporting him (…)

Gingrich would bring with him a history of battling with presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, going back to their public fights over health care and Bill Clinton’s agenda and ultimate impeachment in the 1990s during her husband’s presidency. For years, Gingrich was seen by Clinton allies not just as an opponent but a nemesis with a penchant for grandiose rhetoric and barbed attacks — traits that Trump is said to welcome.

Both men may impress newcomers to the political process, with their outspokenness and, especially in the case of Gingrich, palpable smarts.

The trouble is, conservative political junkies are well aware of these men’s shortcomings. Many look askance at Gingrich’s messy personal life, while others insist that Christie’s record as the governor of New Jersey is less than stellar.

Will Trump choose someone who appeals to the general public rather than to the die hard conservative base? This may be the most difficult decision of his campaign.

Credit: Washington Post

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