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‘Racist’ ‘Sexist’ Trump Appoints Only Male White Supremacists To Cabinet – Oh Wait…
By PJ Editor|November 24, 2016

…wrong. Liberals are on a slash-and-burn smear campaign of personal destruction against Donald Trump. The more he proves them wrong, the louder they scream.

Here is the list of highly racist, highly sexist, xenophobic appointees that Donald Trump just nominated:

Secretary of HUD: A black man, Ben Carson

Secretary of Education: A woman, Betsy DeVos

Ambassador to the UN: A Sikhn Indian-American woman, Nikki Haley

But, according to the New York Times: “But none of these choices suggest a president-elect who is reaching beyond reliably conservative precincts to fill his administration.”

So, their first angle of attack was: See! Trump is racist.

Then, when Trump proves them wrong and appoints women, blacks, and other minorities to his inner circle of advisors, they realize the game is up so they have to switch tactics. This time they accuse him of not appointing anyone who isn’t conservative. Because, of course, liberals are all about ideological diversity.

Herman Cain (a black Republican as you know), had a lot to say about the New York Times’ hypocrisy:

Of course, the Times assumes that when Trump names a woman or a black man or a Sikh, that “diversity” is the point of the appointments, rather than Trump simply believing that these are the best people for the jobs. That’s because the Times and other liberals project. When theyhire minorities for jobs, they do it for the sake of hiring minorities. So they figure it’s inconceivable that anyone ever hires a minority because they really believe the minority is the best available person.

According to the highly-biased, liberal “fake news” site (aka The New York Times), Herman Cain, Allen West, Katrina Pierson (one of Trump’s earliest surrogates, a half-black woman), Diamond and Silk, and all the other blacks, hispanics, women who supported Trump don’t really count because they don’t believe like minorities are supposed to. They don’t fall in line with the Democrat Party’s instruction from on high.

Cain continued: When we get to the point where a minority gets a job and no one even thinks about ethnicity, gender or religion, that will be when we’ve made real racial progress. Of course, liberals like the New York Times are obsessed with race and will never let that happen, so I guess we will never make that progress.

Bravo, Mr. Cain. We couldn’t agree more. SHARE IF YOU DO TOO!

Source: Herman Cain

PJ Editor
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