Report: Trump Smashes Historic Reagan Record—And Devastates Obama’s Legacy

When Trump made promises during the campaign, boy did he mean them.

Liberals and pathetic, cowardly republicans are shocked as they look over the last year. They don’t know what to do with a President who actually means what he says!

From working to wipe out ISIS to ending illegal immigration, Trump is full-steam ahead on making good on those promises he made during his numerous rallies and events.

Now it seems like he’s even beaten the old Gipper, when it comes to one major promise.

From The Washington Examiner:

President Trump is keeping his promise to cut regulations and is on a course to top former President Reagan’s record of slashing the mountain of red tape created by Jimmy Carter, according to two independent reports.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute said that Trump has issued 58 percent fewer major and costly regulations than former President Obama and slashed the Federal Register, the government’s rule book, by 32 percent.

And American Action Forum said that the Trump administration has saved $560 million by cutting regulations and meeting its promise to eliminate two old rules for every new one.

“As the Trump Administration transitions into the new fiscal year and next phase of Executive Order 13,771, it can reasonably claim net regulatory savings of roughly $560 million under the EO’s first phase. There have been some new regulatory costs, but activity on that front remains at a historically low level,” said American Action’s Dan Goldbeck.

$560 millions one huge number. This generally happens when a conservative enters the White House. He starts cutting back on all the insane rules and roadblocks that democrats have thrown up that make American work and life impossible.

Regulations cost businesses millions in needless complications. It adds greater burdens to workers, employers, even tax payers. All in the name of padded the government’s bank account. And where does that money go? Into bloated government projects, of course!

You see, regulation is just another way democrats want to tax Americans into oblivion. It’s not a huge surprise to find that Obama had an abysmal record when it comes to cutting red tape and needless rules.

Despite what the media has to say, Trump is working hard to put the American people first. Every day we are discovering things like this, things that the media don’t want you to see.

But we won’t let this kind of news go ignored. Be sure to spread the word.

Source: The Washington Examiner

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