BREAKING: Obama’s Final Agenda Exposed…America Is In GRAVE Danger!

The last eight years have undeniably been some of the worst in American history.  Racial tensions grow each day, Obamacare has wrecked our health system, and terrorist attacks are becoming commonplace in America and around the globe.

And we have Obama to thank for it.

Now that he is a lame-duck president, we should be safe from any further mayhem, right?  Now if Obama has his way.  He has created such a volatile environment that if he sits idly by, America will be in serious trouble.  We are already seeing what could become an explosive situation.

From Allen B. West:

It’s been a constant drone of chaos and Islamic terrorist attacks since Obama’s reelection. Of course, Obama’s progressive socialist Obama will tout, Osama bin Laden is dead — my response is a simple, and so? Yes, we’re all glad Osama bit the dust and sits somewhere in Davy Jones’ locker, but what has strategically changed with the global Islamic jihad? I’ll tell you: it has expanded, increased, and grown more threatening…

Downrange, as we say in the military, one U.S. Soldier was killed, another wounded in an IED blast in Helmand province. It would appear Obama’s unilateral declaration that combat operations in Afghanistan had ended was not received by all parties.

As reports have been coming in, it appears that four Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy vessels were in close pursuit of a U.S. Guided Missile Destroyer in the Persian Gulf near the Straits of Hormuz. Reports are that the Iranian ships came within 300 yards of our vessel, which had to undertake evasive maneuvers. This action comes as we find out that the Obama administration has illegally wired $1.3 billion to the Iranians. This action on sea also comes after the Russians buzzed a U.S. Navy warship some 33 times in a 48-hour period in international waters of the Baltic Seas. And don’t forget the Iranians seizing two of our Riverine assault craft and placing our ten Sailors on their knees at gunpoint.

Obama and Clinton are in the process of destroying America.  We are not only on our way down from being a leader among great nations, but we are allowing the greatest danger of our time to slip through our borders and threaten our very safety.

How much more humiliation shall we endure? And a Hillary Clinton administration will be no different. Oh yeah, forgot that Turkey has invaded Syria, and has been bombing Kurdish targets as well.

So for Obama’s final months in office, we can expect much more of the same. Our enemies know there’s no consequence for their actions – in fact, if they play their cards right, they may get a helluva payoff.

Thanks, Barack for the fundamental transformation not just of our America, but of that steely character and resolute spirit for which we were once renowned.

We may see much more violence and danger of war breaking out before President-Elect Trump has a chance to taking over the reins from Obama.  We’re already seeing it in protests that have turned to violent riots against him.  The people have spoken, and they have decided for a “peace through strength” foreign policy, not one of humiliation, whining and complaining.

Source: Allen B West

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