It’s Happening: Syrian Refugees Commit HEINOUS Crime…Media SILENT!

Since Europe opened the flood gates to allow Middle Eastern refugees into their nations, there has been no end of horrible stories. Innocent civilians have been butchered, children and Christians have been raped and cities have been terrorized. This due to the complete lack of regulation and scrutiny on the part of officials.

Although we’ve seen the toll this has taken on the rest of the world, President Obama and Democratic candidate for president Hillary Clinton want to let more undocumented migrants into our country. Don’t they realize it will only endanger American lives? Do they care? Not at all.

Already we are getting terrible news of what refugees will do to Americans.

From Louder With Crowder:

KMVT has confirmed that a reported sexual assault that possibly occurred near the Fawnbrook Apartments is being investigated by the Twin Falls Police Department. Several unconfirmed reports concerning the case are circulating on social media. Both the Twin Falls Police Department and the prosecutor’s office have declined to comment publicly on the case while it’s under investigation.

According to certain reports, a young girl was raped by three boys.

She was playing in between two apartment units when 3 boys (from 2 Syrian refugee families, age 8, 10, 13) pulled a knife on her, held it to her throat, forced her into the laundry unit, stripped her naked, raped, and urinated on her. The 13 year old “coached” the younger boys as he videoed.

Full details have yet to come out. Although there is one suspicious source claiming this is all just a rumor, there are more sources verifying this atrocious act. We are now living in a country where young children cannot play safely in their neighborhoods, for fear of Muslim migrants assaulting them. Young boys are perpetrating these vile attacks. And where do you think they learned it? From their fathers.

Unless our government curtails the massive influx of Muslim refugees from the Middle East, these terrible stories will only continue to happen.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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