Report: Border Agents Can’t Believe It—Look Where Trump Is Headed!

President Trump won over the support of many Americans because of his promise to keep us safe.

Already we are seeing the effects of his leadership. Illegal immigration is on the decline, with law enforcement catching and deporting seriously dangerous hombres.

Now more support with surge for his plans to defeat criminal aliens, after this one plan is carried out.

From Reuters:

President Donald Trump will visit a border protection facility in a town along the U.S.-Mexican border in Arizona on Tuesday as he seeks congressional funding for the wall he wants built, administration officials said on Monday…

The border area at Yuma is considered a success story for the U.S. Border Patrol because illegal crossings have slowed as a result of the border installation…

[H]e will tour a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol hangar and see some of the equipment used to monitor the border, including a Predator drone, a patrol boat and a surveillance truck, the officials said.

During his visit, Trump will be briefed on border patrol efforts in the region and the need for more funding for immigration and border officials to carry out the Republican president’s desire for sharp limits on illegal immigration, the officials said.

This is will be a prime opportunity for the President to highlight the successes his administration has had in lowering illegal entries. It will give him a chance to discuss the effective work the DOJ and ICE have been doing since he’s entered office.

It will also force the mainstream media, even peddlers of fake news, to focus on this pressing issue. The liberal media have tried to distract from the illegal immigration crisis. They don’t want Americans to know about the great danger we face, the terrible acts of the drug cartels and the many criminal aliens that flood our country.

But with the President of the United States visiting the border, all those angry news agencies will be forced to discuss it. It will help the rest of the country understand how much we need a border wall—and to defeat the evils of the Mexican drug cartels.

Funding has already been secured for designing and implementing the wall. More will come in the coming months. Soon we will see Trump’s promised fulfilled, one way or another.

Source: Reuters

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