1 Journalist Notices Something Wrong With White House Gun Stats…HUMILIATES Them With Facts!

How much longer will conservatives have to hear the same misinformation about guns repeated by politicians and the media?

Twisted statistics that are easily debunked get rehashed again and again, no matter how much Second Amendment advocates try to set the record straight.

The end result is hysteria, especially right after a high-profile crime. Fortunately, not all journalists have been brainwashed, and one reporter is using her public platform to get the facts out:

At a Jan. 4 press conference, President Barack Obama’s press secretary, Josh Earnest, exclaimed that “30,000 gun deaths in America” was enough evidence for the administration to push past Congress to establish laws to combat gun violence. (…)

However, Earnest’s efforts backfired when Emily Miller, a reporter for WTTG and author of the book “Emily Gets Her Gun,” noted that 20,000 of those deaths were due to suicide.

In a Twitter post, Miller stated: “White House says 30,000 annual “gun deaths.” FACT: FBI says 8,124 homicides by gun. CDC cites 21,175 suicide by gun.”

Quoting Centers for Disease Control and Prevention numbers, [Miller’s Twitter follower] Jesse Sweeney posted a CDC statistic which explained that residents of the United States only have a 0.00010256410256% chance of death by a gun.

“1,712 in a society of 312 million people” are victims of gun violence, it noted.

Leftist point to those 1712 murders as proof of an “epidemic.” While the loss of any human life is a tragedy, that low figure doesn’t fit any standard definition of  the word “epidemic.” Some might even call it a miracle.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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