It’s My Party Now! Shocking Poll Has Paul Ryan Reeling…And Donald Smiling

Compared to Presidential hopeful Donald Trump, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan hasn’t been involved in many scandals.

Trump, not Ryan, became a household name (and frequent punchline) decades ago, when his marital misadventures turned into tabloid fodder.

Trump, not Ryan, has made and lost hundreds of millions of dollars in unwholesome sectors like gambling and reality television.

And no one has ever wondered if Paul Ryan’s hair was real.

Yet for all that, American conservatives still say they trust Donald Trump, and not Paul Ryan, to lead the Republican Party.

According to

While many Republicans inside Washington see House Speaker Paul Ryan as the leader of the Republican Party, voters see things differently.

A majority of Republican and Republican-leaners who say they are registered to vote trust Donald Trump over Ryan to lead the GOP, according to results from the most recent election tracking poll.

Nearly six in 10 trust the presumptive Republican nominee to lead the Republican Party over the House speaker, while nearly four in 10 trust the speaker more.

The survey divides respondents into three categories: Very Conservative, Conservative and Moderate. Early in the campaign, pundits and voters alike wondered aloud whether or not Trump was “really a conservative;” today, at least according to this NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking poll:

Sixty-three percent of Republicans who identify as very conservative said they trust Trump more than Ryan to lead the Republican Party.

What a difference a few years makes. Former Vice Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan has gone from being, theoretically, a heartbeat away from the Oval Office — had Mitt Romney won in 2012 — to viewed as less trustworthy by the party faithful than a man who, as the popular joke has it, managed to lose money building a casino.

This poll is yet another example of the great divide between Establishment Republicans and the average conservative voter.


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