AWESOME: Serviceman’s Response To Miserable Leftist Will Have You Cheering…Class Act

What we ask our men in women in the Armed Forces to do is no easy task. They undergo rigorous training, leave their families for months and years at a time, and face the risk of dying in a foreign land.

But they all do it willingly, out of a love and respect for their country and fellow man.

It’s no surprise, then, for them to expect a little bit of appreciation from their fellow Americans.

Sometimes that comes in the form of a military discount. What is surprising, however, is the growing resentment some people have toward our service men and women.

Take Aaron Lesseki, a Navy submariner, who recently asked if a restaurant offered a military discount. Read it in his own words what happened, via Independent Journal:

Me: Do you offer military discount?

Cashier: No sir we don’t.

Lady in line behind me: Rude…

*Cashier and I stare blankly at her*

Lady: All of you think you’re entitled because you’re in the military and deserve special privileges. My God…

Me: No ma’am. It’s a discount not a privilege. A privilege is being able to go home to your family every night while living in a free country because some people willingly give up their “privileges” so people like you can have them.

Not to anyone’s surprise, both the cashier and the sailor were stunned by the woman’s comments. So were the customers behind them, who proceeded to pay for the young man’s meal.

You may think this kind of treatment from fellow “Americans” is rare, but Lesseki, who’s been in the Navy only a year, has already been publicly insulted twice.

Despite this unwarranted abuse, Lesseki continues to serve our country proudly. His comments about men and women in service should resonate with us all (via Conservative Tribune):

“I believe everyone who serves HONORABLY in any branch of the military — Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard –Active, Reserve, Full Time Support — every single one of them deserve the utmost respect and appreciation, whether they served during wartime or not.” 

What could be said about people, like that woman, who insult our service men to their faces?

Does Freedom of Speech entitle you to be un-American?

Where would our country be without the sacrifice generations of Americans made for our safety and security?

Without them, all we’d be left with are the cynical insulters. Now that’s a scary thought for sure!

Next time you come across a current or former service man or woman, be sure to offer them your appreciation.

Sources: Independent Journal, Conservative Tribune

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