REVEALED: What’s In DNC Wikileaks Is Shocking…But What’s Missing Is MIND-BLOWING!

Trying to digest all the information revealed after the Wikileaks “DNC” document dump is a daunting task. It’s a safe bet that even many journalists at both ends of the political spectrum are just skimming the surface.

Of course, these revelations matter. It matters that self-described liberals are now on record making racial jokes and questioning Bernie Sanders’ Jewish faith. It matters that DNC operatives were clearly hoping to gin up anti-Trump demonstrators and worst of all, undermine Sanders’ good faith campaign for the nomination.

However, a great American is now asking conservatives to focus less on yesterday’s news and more on the nation’s future. In a thoughtful, wide ranging essay on his website, retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and former congressman Allen West writes about the Democratic National Convention now underway:

Now we know, based on the DNC emails leaked, that the Party is corrupt and manipulative. But that’s not even the worst part.

The fact that the Democrat Party will nominate someone as president who is the antithesis of the citizen servants who met in Philadelphia those 240 years ago is the most disturbing fact. (…)

I think all you need to know about the character of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine can be evidenced in their campaign logo — her initial and no colors that represent our America. The branding isn’t of someone who will seek to serve…but rather BE served. (…)

The message will be that we need more money from a specific group in order to make our vision work. And what’s that vision? It’s certainly not the previous “yes we can.” It’s a vision of “no you can’t.” It’s a vision that expressly states, no one can achieve anything unless it’s given by government — by the progressive socialists.

West’s essay is a must read that includes everything from Thomas Jefferson quotes to a joke from the movie Airplane!, and ends with one of the B52s’ lesser known tunes. While it can be depressing to watch the Democrats on stage this week, it is heartening to remember that Allen West is still fighting on the side of sanity.

Credit: Allen B. West

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