REVEALED: The REAL Racists Opposing Donald Trump…And How To Beat Them [WATCH]

Last week, Anaheim City Council gathered together to push forward a measure that would denounce GOP front runner Donald Trump.

The meeting was all about criticizing the Presidential contender, putting forth that his opinions were, among other things, racist.

The shocking fact about this meeting was, it was spearheaded by a Republican. GOP official Kris Murray led the meeting, espousing this tired slur against the business mogul.

It turns out that there were plenty in the audience that were infuriated by her rhetoric.  A young, legal immigrant from Mexico took the opportunity to stand up for Trump and blast the official for her misleading words.

From Conservative Tribune:

“I am 24 years old, my parents came here from Mexico in the early-1980s and I am a Trump supporter,” the man announced. “I am not offended by Donald Trump’s statements. He has said nothing racist or disparaging about Latinos.”

The young man criticized Murray for adhering to political correctness. He exposed the liberal tactic to “protect” minorities, saying it disrespects them.

“I am deeply offended by your campaign, since you subscribe to the liberal narrative that minorities need to be cuddled and protected by the government — as if we are incapable of looking out for ourselves, as if we are weak and thin-skinned, as if we are children,” he argued.

Believe it or not, the young man was shocked to learn Murray was a Republican. Not surprising, considering the bile coming out of her mouth was typical leftist propaganda.

You also may be wondering why another member of the GOP would attack their front runner from President.  But this young man hit the nail on the head when he revealed Murray’s true motives.

Last but not least, he pivoted his speech to Murray’s motivations for proposing the anti-Trump bill, suggesting that perhaps she wanted “to save face to tourists who spend a fortune while visiting Anaheim.”

“You fear that these tourists might think you support Donald Trump because you are a Republican, so you make the egotistical campaign to denounce him in order to protect yourself, and your council, from future charges of racism, misogyny, and Islamophobia,” he claimed.

Wow. He certainly has his finger on the pulse.

None of the stop Trump rhetoric is aimed at protecting minorities, immigrants, or citizen’s rights. It’s all about officials’ lame attempts at saving face, in order to kowtow to foreign visitors and their wallets.

How long are we going to put up with such greedy, spineless leadership? It’s high time we Americans vote out officials who only care about checkbooks, political correctness, and their own skin.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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