REVEALED: The REAL Reason For Mitt Romney’s Hatred Of Donald Trump [RIDICULOUS]

Now that Trump has clinched the GOP nomination, it’s time for the rest of the party to rally behind him.

This election will be incredibly crucial, as the threat of a third Obama term under Clinton would certainly bury our country under years of debt, economic devastation, and terrorism.

We can’t let the failed policies of the Democrats continue to erode our way of life and destroy the principles our founding fathers fought and died to give us.

Our freedoms are in danger.Our role in the world is diminishing. And our allies are in perilous danger.

A crook like Hillary Clinton would turn our country into a dictatorship, where American citizens are treated as criminals and the government bends over for any foreign interest with the biggest checkbook.

So it seems incredibly stupid for any GOP member to still be opposing Trump, right?

Oh wait, there is: failed GOP candidate for President Mitt Romney.

From Yahoo News:

Romney “feels like America hangs in the balance. He’s very distraught about [Trump],” said one Romney adviser. “He thinks Trump is this vulgar, dangerous, principle-less, value-less opportunist — putting it mildly.”

The 2012 Republican nominee for president has been the most outspoken GOP figure to consistently, steadfastly oppose Trump. Romney has been asked to consider running for president himself but did not seriously consider it, those who know him said. He remains alarmed at the prospect of a Trump candidacy, though, even as hope appears to be fading that an alternative will be found.

For the first time in over a decade we have a GOP candidate that can not only win, but do some real good for our country and what does Romney do?

He finds excuses to sabotage the man. Does Romney really believe the nonsense he’s spouting? You know what? Forget about it. Romney lost in 2012.

He let every Republican down by giving Obama another disastrous term. He isn’t allowed to comment on the current election.

Obama was poised for an ousting in 2012. Despite all this glowing rhetoric in 2008, he did little to fulfill his promises (toxic as they were).

Obamacare was a looming threat many Americans did not want. All that was needed was a strong, unapologetic Republican to stand against him and the race would have been won.

Who did we get? Mitt Romney, a man as odd as his name.

He let us down in 2012 and now wants to ruin our chances in 2016. We can’t afford a Hillary Clinton presidency. This country will not come back from three terms of liberal policies.

Just watch. Hillary will be the nail in our coffin. Look at the direction our country has taken since 2008. Trump is the only candidate bold enough to right the ship. He really can make America great again.

Romney is just sucking on sour grapes, using Trump’s bold opinions are a chip to discredit him. But it all screams of desperation. Romney has zero political clout where it counts: with the American people. He can cry and moan all day about what he doesn’t like, but he does not have the ability to change it.

And that’s good, we saw what he could in the last election: nothing.

So keep on trying to destroy the Republican Party, Mitt. We’ll go on without you.

Source: Yahoo News

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