WHOA! He Reveals Paul Ryan’s Greatest Weakness—But WHERE He Does It Leaves Ryan REELING!

Wow. Just… wow. The man running for Wisconsin Senator Paul Ryan’s job put together an unforgettable photo op on Saturday that has Republicans talking, and not just within that state.

Businessman Paul Nehlen chose the perfect location to deliver a pretty stirring speech. Julia Hahn was on the scene for Breitbart.com:

Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen held a press conference on Saturday in front of Paul Ryan’s border wall surrounding his Janesville mansion. Nehlen demanded that Ryan either build a wall to protect the American people or tear down his own wall that protects Ryan and his family. (…)

“People like Paul Ryan and Mark Zuckerberg love open borders so long as they stop at the property lines to their mansions. They ensconce their families with walls and fences, but then lecture us about how we have to be more charitable. And lectures us about how America ‘is more than our borders.’”

“Can you name one time when Paul Ryan fought as hard for you and your family as he’s fought for corporate America?” Nehlen asked.

Echoing the rhetoric of the victorious Brexit campaign, Nehlen told Wisconsin voters that August 9th will be “Wisconsin’s Independence Day.”

Campaigns aren’t won or lost based on just one speech, but combined with Ryan’s poor showing in recent polls, it’s hard to imagine that the Republican base won’t respond favorably to Nehlen’s rhetoric.

Credit: Breitbart

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