REPORT: New Revelations ROCK Democrats…ObamaGate Blows SKY HIGH!

Americans were ready to move on and see America made great again—but Obama just ruined it.

And for once Trump and his supporters don’t mind so much.

So everyone watching the news at this point knew that someone had been using ‘legal’ surveillance to watch the Trump transition team (we’ll come back to that in a moment), and leaked key information and names, such as General Flynn’s discussions with Russia.

And it has come out that the point person on this was no other than Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice, who has been at the heart of other scandals.

We knew this would not be the end of it.  We are finding out who she sent this information to, and now we are finding out how far back the surveillance went.  The big surprise? It’s further back than the days of the Trump transition team.

From a Fox News transcript, via Breitbart:

What we’ve learned is this — from multiple sources is that it’s all about intelligence-gathering methods. The fact is, a lot of these men and women in the intelligence communities did not want to speak about what’s going on because they were concerned about those methods being known.

But now they figure they might as well at least clarify things since Nunes has been leaked to by someone they don’t know or at least they tell me they don’t know. We know that there was this — there was surveillance of Trump and people close to Donald Trump including some supporters for up to a year before inauguration.

That information was disseminated we’re told through NSA channels. It’s unprecedented the way this was done. The mention of U.S. citizens is supposed to be masked. That means basically taken out of the report.

More from Sean Hannity on the current situation:

So the rabbit hole goes deeper.  Democrats have apparently used the apparatus of State surveillance against its political opponents, effectively weaponizing it against Republicans.

As stated on Mad World News, “This could very well be the biggest political scandal in American history and may lead to Barack Obama making history as the only president to be indicted for political corruption after leaving office.”

For sure, the Obama team was not merely concern with the possible actions of the Trump transition team for the sake of America, or for leverage against Trump once he took office (such as used against Flynn).

In fact, they were using this intel further back, which can only mean one thing: the sitting President, or at least the highest officials in his administration, were using surveillance during a Presidential election to help Hillary win that election.

It must sting for the average Democrat to find out their party was cheating the whole time, and they still lost in a landslide.  And no doubt, anyone who was involved in this illegal scheme is going to pay, because the one thing they never counted on was Donald Trump becoming the President of the United States.

Source: Mad World News, Breitbart

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