SURPRISE! ‘Rigged’ GOP System Disproportionately Benefiting THIS ONE Candidate…Guess Who?

There is no argument that this year’s Republican primary has been the most-watched in recent memory.

Thanks to high-profile candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, more Americans are learning about the nomination process for the first time…and they don’t like what they see.

Gaining delegates to earn the GOP nomination varies from state to state. It’s a daunting and confusion system, one that is leaving many voters frustrated and disillusioned.

FiveThirtyEight breaks down how several states tally their delegates.  You’ll discover not all count party member’s votes equally:

In some cases, such as Massachusetts, where delegates are awarded only at the statewide level, this means just looking at the state as a whole. In others, such as Georgia, delegates are given out at both the congressional district and statewide level… Votes have the most purchasing power in caucuses, where turnout is typically lower than in primaries. The power of one voter in the Northern Marianas, for example, is ludicrously high, at 52 votes per delegate.

It appears that districts with few Republicans have a higher influence in determining delegates than areas that are predominantly Republican. And this has actually worked in Donald Trump’s favor.

Trump has won a higher share of delegates than votes in 24 of the 35 contests studied (67 percent), most notably in winner-take-all contests…Trump benefited most in South Carolina, which awarded all 50 of its delegates to Trump even as he won a little less than a third of the vote. He also took all the delegates in the winner-take-all states of Arizona and Florida, while earning less than 50 percent of the vote in each.

Trump has blasted the Republican primary process as rigged and unfair, but ironically he’s be benefited from it so far. But the tables can quickly turn, and another candidate can scoop up all the delegates from a district simply by how that state rolls the dice.

What do you think? Is this how a democratic country should calculate votes? How do you feel that your vote counts less?

Source: FiveThirtyEight

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