Former Rival Makes SHOCKING Prediction…Donald Trump Will Love THIS!

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry recently came out in support of Donald Trump.

He is among the majority of his former rivals to back the business man as the Republican candidate for president.

It’s a sign that the general population within the party is getting on board the Trump Train.

It appears the Texan has spent some time with Trump.

As speculation abounds over Trump’s possible cabinet picks, there have been many similar meet ups.

Perry came away from the pow wow with some optimistic thoughts on the election.

From Western Journalism:

“The more I spend time with him, the more I talk with him, the more I see how he has analyzed this country properly at this point in time, I feel very comfortable that we’re going to win,” he said.

Donald Trump has a talent that very few of us in this business [have], and that is to observe [and] to assimilate to what’s going on and then both in a policy way, but also in a verbal way, really catch the attention, the excitement and the trust of the American people,” Perry said.

Perry has picked up on something many of us have already seen.

Trump’s success so far isn’t based on luck. It has come from years of experience leading a multiple businesses. Trump is shrewd. He understands the problems America is facing and knows how to tackle them head on. He knows how to appeal to the American people to garner their respect and votes.

And he knows how to win.

The former governor continued to give Trump a glowing endorsement, saying he will pick up 35, 36, even 37 states in the general election. He boasted a unified Republican Party that we haven’t seen in a long time.

Let’s hope so. And let’s hope more Republicans get on board.

Source: Western Journalism

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