Giuliani Launches BROADSIDE On Hillary…DESTROYS Her In Most Aggressive Attack Yet! [WATCH]

Team Hillary is finally addressing concerns about her health, but it may be too little, too late. Photos and videos keep circulating showing the woman who wants to be president being propped up (when she isn’t coughing and having seizures.)

Adding to the strangeness: She only has one rally scheduled for the rest of this month. Between avoiding press conferences and now cutting down on public appearances, Hillary barely seems like a person running for president.

Appearing on Fox & Friends, Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani said:

 I think Hillary is tired. I do. When I saw Hillary at the press conference sitting down with a Hillary supporting police chief pretending she is pro-police. It is one of the most pathetic press conferences I’ve ever seen. Well first of all she looks sick. Number two she looks completely uncomfortable saying anything pro-police.

“I think Hillary’s tired…she looks sick.”

If her health is fine, then she should amp up her appearances before the contrast between herself and “high energy” Donald Trump becomes impossible for even her biggest fans to ignore.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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